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Puzzles Lamps are contemporary retro lamps shades used to create particular themed atmosphere and eye-catching scenes for parties and events or simply to make an interesting feature in the room or outside in the garden.

This modern and innovative lighting design system allows assembling infinity of lampshades with endless shapes and styles by mixing and matching 11 different colours and changing the dimension of the lamp with 7 component sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and Jumbo in Matt or Glossy finish.

Why the name Puzzles Lamps?
Because each lamp is characterised by a puzzle to be solved and the puzzle changes in respect of the number of the components used and the way these components are interlocked which it allows to create any shape and sculpture.
The standard round puzzle lamp is assembled by following some simple instructions to join 30 identical size components in a spherical shape. Similarly, 3D Puzzles lamps designs (Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune) add an extra texture when the components are assembled to create the shape of the lamp.

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Please also browse through our website to find additional information related to Puzzles Lamps as well as updates about our weekly workshop for those people who wish to master the Puzzle and turn it in to a passion.

Puzzles Lamps is an innovative lighting design system which allows to create choreographic atmosphere for parties, events, and weddings or simply create an interesting feature in the room or outside in the garden. They can be suspended from the ceiling or laid on the floor or as centrepieces  to create romantic and suggestive feeling in restaurants and receptions.
This section will help readers to learn general information About Puzzles Lamps and the varieties of components' designs, colours and style.

All Puzzles Lamps components are identical.
Each component has front and back side. Standard Puzzles Lamps, as well as many others designs, are assembled using only the front side.
Each component has two curved and two straight edges.

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