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About Puzzles Lamps

Puzzles Lamps is an innovative lighting design system which allows to create choreographic atmosphere for parties, events, and weddings or simply create an interesting feature in the room or outside in the garden.
They can be suspended from the ceiling or laid on the floor or as centrepieces  to create romantic and suggestive feeling in restaurants and offices.
Start the fun and master the puzzle to create amazing scenes!
The components are made of semi-rigid polypropylene which can be easily bended and interlocked between each other to create the desired shape. Unlike those components made with poor quality thin plastic which can only be used once, our material is guaranteed to remain in shape for many years without deteriorating its shape and colour. Don't worry if you make a mistake while building your first lamp or if you decide to disassemble it and make a new shape, because our components are super resistant and can be reused as much as you want.

Puzzles Lamps Components Sizes and Colours
7 Sizes
The components of the Puzzles Lamps are available in 7 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and Jumbo) which allows to assemble the same lampshade with different dimensions. For example, by assembling a Standard Round Puzzles Lamp made with 30 components, the diameter of the lamps is respectively 12cm with size XS, 17cm with S, 23cm with M, 34cm with L, 43cm with XL, 55cm with XXL, and 66cm with Jumbo size. The same principle applies to all others lampshades shapes assembled with more or less than 30 components.
11 Colours
All sizes are available in 11 colours and the components of the same size can be mixed with different colours to create unique lampshades.

How to assemble Puzzles Lamps
Puzzles lamps are also known as Retro / Contemporary Lamps, Jigsaw, IQ, Smart Lightings
The reason is because it requires a bit of intellectual practice to understand how to connect the components and assemble any of the 22 design lampshades shown on the photo and many others.
First of all, it will helps if you have a Puzzles Lamp Kit size M or L which are more flexible then smaller sizes like XS or S and they are easier to connect and manage with your hands compared to larger sizes.
On the photo above are displayed 22 different designs and their respective number of components required to complite the lampshade and to solve the puzzle which creates the lampshade. For example, the first two lamps on the left of the photo, they are assembled using 9 components while to assemble the last lamp shape on the right, it requires 120 components to complite the lampshade.
Before attempting to assemble your desired lampshade, it is important to know the basics of the components and assemble 3 and 5 components to make the first "Rosette".
Step-By-Step tips, graphics and descriptions are displayed on Instructions Puzzles Lamps.

3D Puzzles Lamps Components

To give an additional texture, 3D Puzzles Lamps  are ideal to create eye-catching lampshades. Similarly to regular components, each kit of 30 components can be used to assemble a round lampshade or others lamps with different shapes.
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